Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's for dinner???

Hello, Friends! So, what's for dinner at your home? I'll admit, I sometimes (okay, more often than sometimes) cheat when it comes to prepping dinner. Last night's was a great example of what I mean.

I was at the store, unmotivated, and hankering for a short cut...enter already-cooked Rotisserie Chicken from the Deli. Then I remembered I had a some cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach that were a day away from edible....and voila!...

Store-bought Rotisserie Chicken (then we can use it for a pasta dish or sandwiches during the week), cherry tomatoes cut in half and sauteed in a little EVOO and garlic with fresh spinach thrown into the tomato pan with a few minutes to go (sautee spinach 'til wilted).

...the toddler version...

Rotisserie chicken (or as we call it...chicken hotdog. We find if we call it a hot dog, she will eat it..i.e. salmon hotdog, turkey hotdog, fish stick hotdog), green beans with parm cheese, and strawberries.
  ... my toddler eating-enticement secret...

This not-too-bad-for-you cheese can go a long way in enticing a toddler to eat his/her meal.
What are your secrets to getting dinner on the table quickly and getting everyone to eat it?

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