Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

M and C received this gorgeous card from their super-talented Nana...thanks MOM!

Hi, Friends!

Happy Day! Can you tell I'm a little excited about February 14??

Valentine's Day is one of those "holidays" that either people love or could do without. I'm a lover!

To me February 14 is not a romantic holiday (although...Hubby, I won't turn down a date night if you ask or a box of chocolates), but rather a day...nestled in the midst of winter doldrums...set aside to let those we love know how we feel about them...how much we appreciate them...how much they have impacted our lives.

On this day, I share with you, my ode to those I love ::

My Ode of Love

My parents :: they are my foundation. They have supported me through ups and downs without judgement. When I embarked on new adventures, they cheered me the loudest, even when I know that they must have been scared out of their wits. They teach me, mentor me, and reassure me that life is what you make of it. They are living proof that you can be married for 40 years and still be in the honeymoon stage. And they are the apple of my kids' eyes and vice versa. Seeing their relationship grow is a visual reminder of what the cycle of life is all about and why grandparents are so important and special.

My husband :: he is my rock, my love, my everything. He makes parenting fun and look so easy. I learn from him everyday, how to be a better parent, friend, colleague, and partner. He is my better half and I am more in love with him and more thankful for him each and every day.

My kids :: they are the lights of my life. They give new meaning to all nighters. They teach me everyday how to be a better parent and how to tap in to my inner kid. They are the best parts of G and me and I love seeing how each person that we care about and love are reflected in them. Our life is more different than I ever imagined with them in it and I would not want it any other way.

My aunts and uncles :: they are my sounding board, my teachers, my mentors, and my friends. They taught me all the things that my parents could not and have helped shape my beliefs, my sense of adventure, and encouraged me to ask tough questions and look deeper within myself "to be the change I want to see in the world."

My cousins -- they are the siblings I never had but always wanted. They have been there for me in good times and bad. They have never hesitated to drop everything to help anyone, including me. In fact three of my cousins came to help us out last year after C was born. They cooked and cleaned, and cooked, and cooked, and cooked. AMAZING!

My in-laws :: they are kind, generous, and hilarious. They are the East Coast that was missing in my life. They are real and true and the most amazing friends. They gave me my husband, and for that I will always be grateful. (Oh, and my mother-in-law makes a mean Coq au vin!)

My friends :: they are my center, the beating heart of my soul, and remind me that it's okay to make time for "girl time." Being connected is what it's all about.

My colleagues :: they give me perspective, energy, and the drive to push myself.

This is my hug to each and everyone one of you who have made a difference in my life... I love you!
Another beautiful creation by my Mom :)
Tonight, I'm hoping to show my family how much I love them with these. Maybe first we should start with something like this, surround by these. I wish, however, I had my act together enough to do these or these...maybe next year.

If you are still trying to find the perfect way to let someone know you love them, try one of these last-minute ideas.

And to my dear friend, who was born on this special day...Happy Birthday Roo!

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Do you like Feb. 14? How are you spending it?

Hug the one's you love! Happy Valentine's Day!


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