Friday, February 3, 2012

Sisterhood Thursday

Hi, Friends!

As I begin to get more confident in this new space, I'm becoming a bit more brave about sharing who I am, what my life is like, and the people and things I care about. Last night is a perfect example of the people who matter to me, who I can't live without.

Just shy of one year ago, one of my best friends received news that you don't expect at the age of 34...she had breast cancer. When we learned of the diagnosis, we jump into action to figure out what we could do, how we could help make life easier as she wages a battle beyond our comprehension, and, most importantly, support her and her family with anything and everything they wanted or needed.

Admittedly though, this was new territory for us. Many of us had family who faced cancer-even breast cancer. In fact my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer only the week before B.

But how do you support a young woman...a mom to wee ones?

Let's just say the mass texts and emails to one another began. We each took on talking to people we knew- I turned to my amazing mother who had too many friends to count who battled the disease. She offered amazing words and resources. We scoured the Internet, contacted organizations, and sought out support resources. We pulled together a list of ideas for the things we would like to do for her and her family from which she could choose. We made a goodie bag and went to her house for her first post-diagnosis visit...her first chemo treatment day.

And that first evening began our bi-monthly tradition of dinner. It started as something for her and her family. Now, it turns out, it was something for all of us... Something we needed and didn't even know was missing from our busy lives...taking time, making time, for one another, and feeding our souls with friendship and sisterhood and our bellies with some of the must creative menus I've had in years.

So how does it work?? Each week someone sends out a theme: cinco de mayo, comfort food, Italian, make your own pizza, cheese (really bummed I missed that one). Then we start texting what we are going to bring. This week was Groundhog's Day. And what a lovely menu it was!!

Liz's Fantastic Meatloaf 
Stellar Mashed Potatoes 
Kristi's Buckeye Chuck Bundt Cake 

...and we made sure to have the required Groundhog Day Celebration entertainment:

Bill Murray and Groundhog Day movie = successful party musts!

We also helped B's son with his 100-School Day Craft:

Yarn + 10 Rigatoni=instant jewelryfor 100-School Day Celebration and lots of fun!

And then B remembered....Oops-Forgot-To-Make the school party treat!

How to make Oops-Forgot-To-Make School Party Treat: Take day-old brownies; drop dollops of melted left-over Christmas Hershey's Kisses on brownies; add strawberry and powdered sugar...Yummy!
Ladies, I don't know what I would do without you! You are my center, my lifeline! Thank you for feeding my soul with your love and friendship!

Part of the Sisterhood group! Missed you K, R & H!
I know that we are not the only ones to have had a friend battle cancer or a serious illness. What did you do to help a friend through a difficult time? Any tips for others helping someone through an illness?

We are all in this life together! Thank you to all of you for what you do to help one another and your fellow men, women and children on this journey!

Happy weekend! Enjoy each and every moment! It's a gift!

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