Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Hi, Friends!

Last week, I got bit by the rearrange-clean-out-organize bug. It happened when G called to tell me he had to work a little later than usual. And trust me, I made good use of those 40 minutes.

First up...our living room... we had no place for bills, keys, plugging in the computer and phones, or keeping regular everyday office supplies, notecards, and tape. So I took the vanity (that belonged to my grandmother), a lamp from our bedroom, a chair from the basement...and...voila!

Then I rearranged a corner of our bedroom where C used to sleep before he moved into his own space. Before :: It was a pile of left over linens, dust, and throw pillows. Now it's at least clean (and sometimes that can be just as -- if not more -- relaxing)...

Now if I could just get bit by the desire-to-clean-my-house bug we would be all set.

Do you rearrange on the fly too? How do you tackle those trouble spaces in your home?

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