Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Just Sayins | Cookie Making

M showing off her apron
During our weekend away, my niece asked M to help her make cookies.

K: M, want to help me make cookies?
M: Yeah (shoulder shrug)...sure (shoulder shrug).
K: Okay, come on up onto the stool next to me and we will put it all together.
M: What kind we makin'?
K: Chocolate chip...do you like chocolate chip cookies?
M: Oh, yea! Uh huh!
{K gets out the mixer, bowl, sugar, flour, brown sugar, chocolate chips, eggs and butter. She lines it all up on the counter as M climbs up on the stool, looks around and then turns to K and very seriously asks...}
M: Where's the package? You not opening the package? How you gonna make chocolate chip cookies?

Oops, daddy’s award winning cookie recipe revealed -- Tollhouse Ready Made Cookie Dough.

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