Monday, January 30, 2012

Project M & O | Step 1

This past weekend, we began phase one of Project Maximize and Organize. As true with all plans, they are made to be broken.

The plan was:
- Move M into her new room (our old guest room)
- Move C into his new space (M’s old room)
- Bring more organization to their rooms and spaces and create a more relaxing creative place for them in the upstairs of our home

What actually happened:
- M changed her mind about switching rooms (Result: rearranged her tiny room to make space for her extendable bed)
- C scored the bigger room and moved into our former guest room
- Sorted, cleaned out, and organized the kids clothes
- Everyone had blissful nights of sleep :)

Later today, I’ll post the after pics of where we are now with the spaces. But here’s what C's space looked like before**…

**Please note…I did not clean before I took the pics. In some ways, I wanted to “shame” (or should I say challenge) myself to create more organized spaces. So here is the unorganized reality of our deconstructed rooms.

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