Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forming Habits

Hello, Friends! Can you believe this weather and that it’s Thursday? I’ve got to be honest, my plans for this week {especially my dinner plans} have flown out the window. And honestly, I’m not sure where I made a turn or where time went {but I did have a girlfriend night out on Tuesday…sushi and a movie…what more could I ask for :-)}.

Last night’s planned fish nugget dinner turned into broiled tilapia, which after having a toddler sous chef {she stirred the fish coating and while I turned my attention to prepping the fish and the sides, she was adding ingredients… lots of ingredients – paprika, salt, salt, salt, pepper, pepper, pepper, and Greek yogurt …she had great technique and bless her heart for wanting to help :-)} dinner turned into a cheese quesadilla with broccoli, strawberries and peas on the side for her and popcorn for G and me.

I’m starting to think my time management and organizational skills need an overhaul or some infusion of motivation or both. While I was trying to piece it all together, I remembered this cool article about habits and how companies are using them that I read a few weeks ago.  It was written by the author of The Power of the Habit, Charles Duhigg. Then as if it were a sign, I heard his interview on Fresh Air.

It got me thinking about my own habits, those I want to break or curb {my caramel candy addiction, procrastination} and others I want to start {working out in the morning, packing lunches the night before}. Now that we are losing an hour this weekend, I think I need to get started on changing some habits.

How do you develop and maintain healthy, productive habits? All tips are welcome!!

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